About Us

How does a family come to this project. Rudy Van den Bergh and Radermacher Carine had a life as a truck driver as a couple, they have done this for years.
Carine took a different path in 2000 and started working at PSA container terminal .
In 2008 we decided to become independent in the transport life, both Shayne and Wesly were also fascinated to continue with the truck as a profession. We have carried out transports together for years, especially in the Port of Antwerp but also the Benelux. A few years later, we hired employees to take a different path ourselves and to become active in the Port of Antwerp with various machines. Unfortunately, we were unable to compete with the Eastern Bloc. The transport costs have to be lowered all the time, but the costs have only become more expensive. Because of this we have decided to stop transporting. This remained a passion from 2008 to 2019. Transport Roadrunner became Roadrunner Handling. We sold the trucks, we did continue with the company but then rent ourselves out as drivers with different machines as stated in the experiences.

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